Fortress FX-16 Lightweight Aluminum Anchor


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Fortress Anchors weigh only half as much as heavier steel anchors, yet outperform them all. The award-winning Fortress design includes fluke angles which adjust from the normal 32° to 45° for increased holding power in soft mud bottoms. Fortress Anchors are made of hardened high-tech aluminum-magnesium alloy for easier handling along with faster setting and deeper penetration in common sea bottoms compared to traditional heavy steel anchors. Tough anodized finish. Easily disassembled for storage. Made in USA. Lifetime warranty. Fortress FX-16 Anchor Boat Length: 33′-38′ Anchor Weight: 10 lbs. Replaces: 14-18 lb. Steel Fluke AnchorsHolding Power 32° Hard Sand: 5,000 lbs. 45° Soft Mud: 1,500 lbs. 32° Soft Mud: 750 lbs. NOTE: Anchor size recommendations are for boats of average windage and proportions, 30 knots of wind, average bottom conditions, and moderate protection from open seas. For storm conditions, use an anchor one or two sizes larger. Recommended Hardware: Use 3-strand nylon rope and a minimum of 6′ of chain for every 25′ of water depth. Be sure to use enough chain and rope for a minimum 5:1 scope.

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