Peter Grimm Women’s Karena Sun Hat – Teal Polyester –


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Sun begone! The Peter Grimm Women’s Glenda Sun Hat is the perfect stylish way to give yourself some shade. Made out of durable polyester material, this hat is a must for any sunny day. Benefits 100% Polyester. Packable. UV protection. One size. Brim: 4″ . About Peter Grimm: Peter Grimm Neidermeyer got into the hat business simply because he wanted his friends to stop getting sunburned. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to wide brimmed hats in Mexico. As he handed out these hats to his friends and shops, he decided to sell them himself. Rather than keeping the hats in pristine condition, he and his friends took a new approach to designing them: do something different to make them look distressed. For example, he turned an ordinary trucker hat into a unique, well-worn design. The process was simple; he would walk outside, rub them on the cement and then whack them on the forklift chain. His straw hat is a staple among lifeguards. His authentic, stylish and functional hats have also been worn by celebrities like Eva Longoria, Vanilla Ice and Bono from U2, who has been reported to book an extra seat on flights so his hat doesn’t get crunched. After sixteen years in the business, you can trust Peter Grimm’s hats to keep you hip, cool and stylish all year long. Peter Grimm Women’s Karena Sun Hat – Teal Polyester –

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