Bending Branches Loon Paddle


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The Bending Branches Loon Paddle is a Wood canoe paddle for the beginner. When you’re starting out you’ve probably just spent a whole bunch on a new canoe, so don’t feel like you have to break the bank on a paddle right away. Especially when you’re not quite sure how to properly navigate rock-infested waters. The paddle itself is nice and lightweight, while remaining durable thanks to the solid bassWood shaft and combination bassWood/maple blade. The straight shaft and classic grip Fit nice in the hands and help gain the skills a beginner paddler needs. A caramel partial rockgard is found at the blade edge, protecting the Wood from damage every time you find yourself pushing off the rocky shores your boat got stuck upon. Features of the Bending Branches Loon Paddle Extra comfortable grip The Loon Wood canoe paddle by Bending Branches is a great lightweight entry-level Wood canoe paddle with clean simple lines that is ideal for recreational paddling The five laminate blade is built with bassWood and maple

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