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Strengthen your lungs and breathing pattern with the easy-to-use A3 Performance Training Snorkel. Features Hydrodynamic. Lightweight design results in less drag. Ideal for all types of training. Can be used for kicking with or without a board, pulling, stroke drills and all levels of swim training. Narrow tube allows for the preferred volume of air exchange. Air intake is ideal for younger swimmers and gets more challenging as the swimmer advances, increasing the swimmer’s aerobic capacity. Can be used for both sprint and distance training. Great tool for younger swimmer’s developing strokes. Medical grade silicone mouth piece that makes cleaning your snorkel easy. Allows the swimmer to maintain and adapt the perfect head and body alignment for world-class speed. About A3 Performance: A3 Performance was founded by Dan and Amy Meinholz in 2004 as a proprietary brand of All-American Aquatics? a national swim team dealer headquartered in Wisconsin. A3 Performance quickly became known for developing some of the top swimming goggles and training equipment in the sport of swimming. As demand for A3 product grew, so did A3?s product offering. Today, A3 Performance is proud to elite Fina-approved technical racing suits, as well as a full line of training suits, kids suits, goggles, bags, fins, snorkels, paddles and more. Motivated to better serve customers and to improve swimmers? training and racing, Dan and Amy are dedicated to developing products that enhance athletic performance. As former national champions, Big Ten champions, and collegiate swimmers for the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dan and Amy have a thorough understanding of the culture and demands of the sport of swimming. Their experience and expertise facilitates the development of innovative products. A3 products have become the choice of National Champions, American Record Holders, NCAA Champions, World Record Holders, and Olympic Gold Medalists. The drive and effort of Dan and Amy has not changed in their transition from athletes to business owners. Dan and Amy are driven to be their best with a goal to become the best. A3 Performance is dedicated to bringing innovative swimwear and products that allow you to train better and swim faster. A3 Performance Training Swim Snorkel – Red – Swimoutlet.com

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