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  • This is the plan for leaders of yacht clubs, businesses, teams, marinas, organizations, professional bloggers, or any one that wants to create and manage a group within myharbors. Leverage our advanced mobile features to engage your audience, grow your members and followers, leverage an on-line mobile platform to run your group most effectively. f
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Can I change plans later?

Yes you can upgrade or downgrade any time using the sign up pages. 

Who is the boater plan for?

The Boater plan is for…boaters! Sailors, power boaters, cruisers, rowers, kayakers, sport fisherman, divers. Anyone who wants to connect and share with other member of the boating community. You can post activity, news and photos; share tips and advice; participate in forum discussions on boating topics; join groups relating to topics, organizations, locations and more. You can friend and follow other members, plus private message to your connections. The Boater plan is all about connecting with other boaters. It’s like a Virtual Yacht Club!

Will I get hit with advertising?

No! We hate constantly getting barraged by ads in apps! And we hate that advertisers are constantly gathering information about us. MyHarbors does not include popup or banner ads. We do allow Professional members to post information about their boating products and services  (’cause we like to learn about boating gear and boats!) but it’s complete voluntary if you read or follow this information. We don’t share your profile or private information with advertisers!

What is your billing period?

We bill month to month on your credit card or PayPal account. 

Who is the Professional plan for?

The Professional plan is for boating organization leaders who wants to build their own public or private communities and manage all their own member relations. This could be leaders from a marina, a yacht club, a boating products company, a boat rental business, a resort, or a professional boating blogger or forum leader. The Professional plan is for any kind of community that would benefit from having a mobile boating app for improving member communications year round. This plan includes all the Boater plan features plus the ability to create and manage Groups, Blogs, Events, and Forums. It also adds Document management and integrates Zoom teleconferencing (integrating your own Zoom membership! And remember, your community members can participate for free via the Boater plan. Invite them to sign up and join your group. Only you and any other group administrators need have a paid Professional plan.  

Is my information or group private?

In general, MyHarbors is a members-only site. You can’t access information in the app without logging in. Further you can restrict access to your profile, photos, posts, etc. by using optional privacy settings to restrict access, such as to just members of a group. Professional plan users can set up public, private or even hidden groups. This allows you to have groups that are open to any MyHarbors members, or just to a list of invited or approved members. You can even “hide” a group so that no other members know it’s there. This is useful if you want to set up, for example, a group for your staff or employees where both the members, activity and content libraries are completely hidden. Plus we never share MyHarbors member information!