Piers Park Sailing Center added an event.

Posted on March 8, 2017

Youre in jeopardy of closing?
Yes, unfortunately. The sailing center ran out of money at the end of last season. We are currently operating with volunteers, and working to raise funds to reopen the center and get the boats ready for this season.
Oh no.. my son had a blast last year at camp
Trisha — That is great to hear. When I lived in Houston, I spent 13 years as a volunteer sailing instructor for the Girl Scouts. Getting kids on the water and teaching them to sail builds confidence, and leadership and teaches kids about the environment, and science…East Boston is blessed with the best location in the harbor and sharing that harbor with East Boston youth is really important.

We are working hard to raise the funds we need to reopen. At the same time we are working hard to improve the program and help it better serve the East Boston community. We would love for folks to attend the fundraiser. But, if it doesn't fit your schedule, that is OK. There will be other opportunities.

Alternatively, folks can donate through our website. Even $1 helps. piersparksailing.org/donate

Finally, we will be having some community work days and volunteer days to get the boats ready for spring. You don't need to be a sailboat genius to help. If you are interested, join our “Friends of Piers Park” Facebook group to get all the inside scoop on workdays and volunteer opportunities with the sailing center.

Cheers to your son, and I hope we see him again this summer!


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