Don't forget to submit your photo…

Posted on March 17, 2017

Don't forget to submit your photo for The Dockwalk Photography Contest for the chance to get it featured on the cover of Dockwalk!

Submit your best shot showcasing working crew life by March 31 to [email protected]

To be eligible:
1. The image must be a minimum of 8.25-inches wide (209.55 mm) x 7.75-inches tall (196.85 mm).
2. The image must be a 300 dpi, color photo (RAW files preferred).
3. Do NOT add filters to your picture.
4. The image should not be older than 2016.

Submissions will go online for crew to vote for their favorites, in addition to being judged by Dockwalk Editor Lauren Beck and Breed Media photographer Jeff Brown.

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