#TBT Memories of “Princess.” The 1937 International…

Posted on March 16, 2017

#TBT Memories of “Princess.”
The 1937 International One Design “Princess”
My grandfather Steadman “Professor ” Hood ,bought this IOD for his sons Ted and Bruce to race at Marblehead 1946-1955.
Professor would crew,and Ted and Bruce would alternate as skipper every other race.
My great grandfather Ralph Otho Hood would also crew from time to time and his wife Grace or as us kids called her ” big gramma” not for her size but her authority -would keep a log of Princess,launching ,work schedule ,race placement, even a side bar ,noting when Ted or Bruce had climbed back through a window late night ,and may not be in tip top form for sailing early that morning!
I still have this logbook
Princess was shipped to Bermuda were she cleaned up,at the original Gold Cup
Sailed with razor precision by Ted,Bradley Noyes and Ray Hunt,that's Hollywood in the sailing world!

Ted was busy with sailmaking and Bruce in the air force ,so princess was sold to
A family in lake Champlain ,where she sailed until 2006.
Around that time the owners called me a wanted to donate her back to a hood family member,I was the iod class builder at the time ,so it seemed logical to them.

Wow I was excited,Princess back in Marblehead.
I told my dad and uncle who were thrilled.
As I write this ,I realize it's 10 years to the day dad passed away ,and I recall
im standing next to her when I drove her over to his house on the trailer,
And he spoke of how that boat was such a family afair,a proud family with Princess
And one of the most successfu IOD,s ever, launching two careers Ted as sailmaker, Bruce As chemist making bottom paint ,and glue .
Being the optimist I am I told dad I'd have her sailing for him real soon,
I dreamed of watching the two Marblehead boys sailing her again
Dad passed March 16 2007
Fair winds ,F.E and Bruce ,Princess sends her greetings

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