About myharbors

Why myharbors?

People who love boating are a cross section that cuts across friends, family and colleagues. Traditional social networks include a lot of people that frankly are not interested. Instead, MyHarbors connects interested boaters with each other and with the news sources, organizations, businesses, and products that serve the boating world. We’re all boating, all the time.

Instead of invading user’s privacy, selling personal data, and manipulating content with creepy trending algorithms, MyHarbors gets back to basics with an app that just works as expected. We respect your privacy, we don’t sell your data, we don’t prioritize content and we don’t have intrusive advertising. We provided a trusted platform that both individual boaters and groups can rely on.

Yacht clubs, teams, community boating, marinas, product manufacturers — all can use myharbors to build better, more informed and more fun communities where every member contributes.  What’s not to like?


At myharbors we love boating. We’re passionate about helping our members leverage mobile and social technologies to get the most out of their precious time on the water, while meeting people and learning more about their interests and the harbors they frequent.


Boaters are focused on the places they boat. We’re enabling the collective knowledge of our members about those ‘harbors’ to provide both the global and local information — people, places, services, conditions, locations, events, gear, clubs — that boaters need.


MyHarbors is all about building communities. It’s a platform where leaders of boating organizations of all types can create and manage their own communities, all while participating within the larger boating world.