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We are a free, online community that’s all boating, all the time. We’re all about connecting boaters. Like a virtual boat club. For sailors, power boaters, cruisers, paddlers, sport fisherman, divers… anyone who loves time on the water and wants to engage and share with others.

For Boating Clubs

We’re perfect for any boating organization that wants to use a mobile app for member relations. Grow and manage public or private communities. For boat and yacht clubs, associations, racing teams, regattas, professional boating bloggers and forum leaders.

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We help product and service companies engage your customers and prospects. Promote your offerings. Be a thought leader. Grow your following. For brokerages, manufacturers, service companies, charter & rental firms, racing teams, and more.

We're Not for Everyone ( Just Boaters! )

Boaters Are Unique

There’s nothing we boaters like more than spending time on the water. But it’s not always easy to find people like us. That’s where myharbors.comes in. The myharbors app helps boaters find each other, share information and do stuff together — individually as friends and crew, and in clubs that we can join or create

Build A Mobile Community

Boaters are nothing if not mobile. What better way to organize your yacht club, team, group or marina membership than by leveraging a mobile app that’s all boating, all the time! Use myharbors to improve communications, sharing, scheduling, and learning for your boating community.

"I've been waiting for an app that's just for boaters. Finally, no mixing boating with personal or work communications. And I now have a mobile app to grow my businesses community!" -- Nick, Maine USA


Make new connections. Learn from the experts. Meet boaters that share your interests and really know the local information. From your favorite harbors or across the world.


Create your own groups, public or private. Organize associations, yacht clubs, regattas, marinas and more. Manage members, staff, news, activities, photos, documents.


Learn from locals about best places and great seamanship, Share food tips, anchorages, sights and services. List your boat, invites members to crew with you. Stay up on industry news and events.

There are over 40 Million Boaters in the USA alone!
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